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7 May: Christchurch
Break Free ANZ Blockade

Peaceful protesters successfully blockaded and shut down the Riccarton, Christchurch branch of ANZ bank, which has $13.5 billion invested in fossil fuels.

Tell ANZ to Divest Now!

ANZ thinks climate change is a beach party, not a crisis.

As the Northern Hemisphere breached an average of 2°C warming for the first time this year, it is no exaggeration to say that the move away from fossil fuels to renewable alternatives is imperative and extremely urgent if our children are to inherit a planet in which they can survive.

Despite making grand statements about their commitment to sustainability, ANZ are continuing to lend billions of dollars a year to new coal mines and oil drilling projects – fuelling climate change. The ANZ Group have $13.5 billion invested in coal and gas projects, and are Australia’s largest lender to fossil fuel projects.
It’s time to tell them that the party is over – break free from fossil fuels now!